Are you prepared to break the rules to support your team?

José Mourinho, recently fired from Tottenham, has an uncertain future ahead of him. But the Special One has always been able to engage with his former teams…

In 2005, after being given a two-game suspension for comments he made on another manager, he found himself banned from the touchline and changing room. He was Chelsea manager at the time and was to face Bayern in the quarter-final of the Champions’ League. He hid in the changing room, even diving into a dirty linen basket (and being taken to the laundry room, locked inside the metal box).

He did so not to break the rules but to show his team he’d be there at half time if they needed advice, to demonstrate he was with them, in every sense of the word.

“They really, really need me… that skin-to-skin connection, when they feel you, they listen to you, they share emotions.”

How have you demonstrated your commitment to your team? What rules have you been prepared to break? How far are you willing to go to help them succeed?


Virgil Benyayer

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