“Do not crack under pressure”!

And what about you, how do you manage not to?

Here we are, back in lockdown… It’s really tough, after the first lockdown, and with all of the other tensions that we are having to cope with. And yet, now is precisely the time when we need not to crack and to continue to believe.

In this magnificent Tag Heuer video that I’m sharing with you, the subject is “Do Not Crack Under Pressure”.

  • What made Steve McQueen dare to do his own stunts whereas normally stuntmen do them?
  • What makes some surfers able to face waves so huge as to be beyond the bounds of our imagination?
  • What made Basquiat take his art and make it so much more than mere graffiti to become the most expensive artist in the world?

They believed! In what? In themselves first and foremost, and also in what they did, beyond apparent theoretical boundaries, by going beyond limiting constraints and beliefs.

And what about you, what are you going to believe in to cope with this new period of difficulties? From where are you going to draw the resources you need to rise above the general doom and gloom?

Share what you have in mind, and do what you need to succeed!

Virgil Benyayer