The architect Norman Foster inspires us to continuously improve

After having designed innovative constructions (the Millau Viaduct in France, City Hall and the Millennium Bridge in London, Stansted Airport and Hong Kong International Airport, and many other projects), he was diagnosed with a disease and given very little time to live. Not only did he beat the odds and confound the predictions, but he has taken advantage of the extra time to rethink all of his achievements: if I had to do it again, what could I improve? What could I do better?

According to Norman Foster, to be alive is also to have this capacity to challenge yourself in a positive way.

After completing a construction, or attaining a goal, it is still possible to go even further, precisely on the basis of what you have already succeeded in doing, and so as to do even better.

“You can always go one step further. And if you can’t go one step further it means that you haven’t learned from what you have done before.”

And what about you:
– when you think about your last project, what could you have changed?
– when you think about the last sales case you have handled, how could you have increased your performance?
– when you think about your last interaction with your team, what line of management could you have developed more?

Virgil Benyayer