The stakes of soft selling today

The Covid-19 health crisis we experienced radically changed our morals. Hard selling is now outdated. More than ever, the power relationship has shifted towards the customer and the salesperson’s role is changing.

To make a soft sale, we must start by personifying the right energy. Selling is not just the correspondence between demand and supply. It’s also, and above all, a transfer of energy. Indeed, if we do not embody the right emotion, our prospects and customers won’t believe in our proposal.

The same is true of contextualizing our business approach.

If we fail to contextualize our approach, our contact will not perceive its relevance. On the contrary, soft selling answers the question: why approach this particular person/company, and why now and not at any other time?

Soft selling is also about being more than just a salesperson but, rather, a genuine adviser. Indeed, if we develop this kind of selling, we’re perceived more as “trusted advisors” – contact people who provide advice as part of a positive and constructive relationship.

Apple is a typical example of soft selling. It’s true that there’s no absolute need to own an Apple product. We could certainly move on to other products with similar features without having to queue in front of the store. But we’re the ones who make the choice to go there, especially to the famous Genius bar. And the entire customer experience is spot on, with a great focus.

In a different context, the BTP Consultants group was looking for a provider to assist them in redefining and deploying their business strategy. They chose an open, co-development approach to this process, building on the confidence and credibility inspired. In this sense, it was a gentle sale: a sale that focused on the human factor. They preferred this approach, rather than providers offering them pre-established and less flexible models.

“To soft sell or not to sell?” That is the question

So, we’ve understood that opting for soft selling means choosing to boost our sales abilities in a sincere and personalized way. Drawing on this option increase our development power. In the current context, this can be essential! So, let’s work our stance and communication to move towards a more authentic approach.

Virgil Benyayer

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