SELL to your team!

According to a Gallup survey, 75% of employees feel their manager demotivates rather than motivates them, and only 9% feel strongly engaged with their company.

Have you ever heard any of these from your team, or felt this way yourself?
– My manager is useless (or worse;)
– I am not recognized
– They don’t understand anything
– They put too much pressure on me

In management, your customers are the members of your team.
The principle remains the same: make them want to do things. Otherwise, you’re not an inspiring manager but rather just a task master who gives orders.

Even if there’s no financial transaction between you and your team, every mission or project is a moral, emotional transaction.

Effective managers are able to adapt to the members of their team, like a good salesperson adapts to their customers, understanding them, making them dream and supporting them to achieve success.

By Virgil Benyayer