• Hone your sales strategy

  • Practice succeeding

  • Learn the art of persuasion

“The secret of the RETORIKA method is that it adapts to suit every specific case. We do not pretend to have ready-made solutions, because our approach is, above all, ultra-pragmatic: we work as close as possible to the reality of your company, on real cases.

For over 20 years, our partners have been selecting and improving the best techniques and tried-and-tested fun-learning tools, enabling us today to offer you an extremely effective methodology for training your staff in the various stages of negotiations, like athletes warming up before competing.

Because if champions follow training programs before their big days, then sales advisors should all do so too in order to win their sale-closing contests. At Retorika, we offer directors, managers, and field teams the possibility of learning how to train and practice effectively in order to notch up small and large victories one after another. Step up into the ring with us, and you will see the result in your next sales figures!”


Virgil Benyayer
Founder of Retorika

After conducting an audit of your sales processes, we help you make the necessary changes by adjusting your sales offers to suit the market and by adapting the skills of your teams.

• Transcribing your company strategy and rolling it out in the form of a sales and marketing action plan


We propose training workshops, individual coaching sessions, and field support. We provide our services the world over in French, English and Spanish.

• Preparing, practicing, and debriefing real situations


We give lectures and keynote speeches at your corporate seminars and events, on topics specific to your company.

• Emulation and motivation for your teams on the mental aspects and on the sales approach.


Virgil Benyayer

Founder and consultant of RETORIKA, Virgil Benyayer has 15 years experience in BtoB Sales and Marketing Management in France and in international environments. He delivers in French, English and Spanish.

ESCP – Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris.

Michaël Aguilar

Master of conference and writer of several books, Michael Aguilar has been an expert in sales and motivation technics for more than 17 years. He delivers conferences on Business Negotiations at HEC and teaches at Université de Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. He delivers in English and in French

INSEEC Paris, and University of California, Berkeley

Jacques Sciammas

Ex CEO and CFO for several international groups, Jacques Sciammas was in charge of investments and currently animates workshops on this topic in English and in French.

Harvard Executive MBA.


% increase in turnover in one year


% additional margin


% more clients


% satisfaction among the employees


We worked with Virgil to design and implement a training program for approximate 50 sales people across Europe. He led, managed and helped execute the program and we received very good feedback from all our colleagues. We appreciated his hands on, practical spirit and ability to engage our sales people from start to finish. Would definitely recommend him!

Steven Dijkhuizen
Group Sales Manager

Virgil Benyayer has provided his services twice for CFP. His customised approach and his skills as a trainer in sales techniques were an immediate success with the teams. Efficient, a good listener, and very pragmatic, Virgil has contributed to a genuine improvement in the performance of the sales team.

Pascal Jalil

Virgil Benyayer is a person worth knowing. Not only an excellent salesman but also a highly skilled trainer. He makes learning fun in his training sessions with role play. He has the trainees practice so that they gain a good command of the concepts covered in the sessions. He knows how to break down the “I can’t do it” barrier and helps his trainees develop and progress to a higher level. He is also an excellent communicator and a hard worker, always very professional. If you are seeking to improve the skills of your employees or of your clients, I can recommend him with total confidence!

Thibaut Bissuel

Very professional and underpinned with strong Sales experience, the training given by Virgil from Retorika is highly beneficial. He has a great capacity for adapting to suit the corporate contexts and to meet specific expectations, and I strongly recommend him. Applying a made-to-measure approach with plenty of analogies and examples, Virgil makes the problems that we might be facing understandable and simple. Practicing becomes a game.

Jean-Marc Dandurand
Commercial Director

As Sales Director at Coface, I had the opportunity of working with Virgil Benyayer on launching an ambitious training programme for the entire direct sales force of Coface. Starting from a full audit of our sales force, we were able to develop a customised training programme so as to work on the commercial approach, and the sales methodology with the result being a genuine upskilling of our teams that, for two years now, has enabled us to enjoy a strong growth in our sales. In short, I would like to thank Virgil and to recommend his listening ability, his supporting capacity and his expertise.
Frédéric Orillard

Frédéric Orillard
Commercial Director – Direct Sales

Virgil has been our sales coach and trainer for almost two years. Speaking both English and Spanish, he was able to train our multinational sales team as a whole, which is quite unusual and very “team-building”. He managed to impress our sales managers by his preparation on both technical product, competition & company knowledge. His anglo-saxon approach of “training by entertaining” made it easy for the teams to understand complex psychological sales situations within seconds. Virgil is very close to the people he trains by remembering all the little anedoctes of our sales managers, creating a instant proximity with his students. Naturally Virgil is an eloquent and inspiring person who has been able to bring positive energy and results within my team for very affordable prices.

Alexandre Arslan
Director, Business Development

Virgil is an outstanding leader, business oriented and always available for his team. From my point of view, one of Virgil key strengths is based on his dual commercial and marketing skills which allows him to exceed challenging goals. I did appreciate working with him in a trusted and fast paced environment.

Kahina Belmiloud
Senior Manager Product Marketing

11 rue Guisarde
Paris 6e

T. + 33 6 12 26 21 23

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